University-Community Partnership Grants

Raising Our Committment

Public engagement expressed in words and actions has long been a core value of the university and its faculty, but NKU President James Votruba raised this commitment to the next level in 2002 when he announced the University-Community Partnership Grant Program to provide funding to address significant issues confronting the region.

Since their inception, 25 UCP Grants, totaling more than $950,000, have been awarded to NKU faculty members who partnered with schools, social service agencies, health care organizations, nonprofit foundations, government agencies, and other community-organizations which make a difference in the quality of life for local residents.

Projects chosen for funding must directly and meaningfully address a social, educational, health or civic need of the region through a mutually beneficial partnership that enriches and expands the learning functions of the university while enhancing the community's capacity to address its challenges. Grant-funded projects provide win/win situations: learning and educational benefits for the university and its students as well as service-delivery or problem-solving benefit for the local community.